What are the differences between a quick sales funnel and full sales funnel?

When you create a sales funnel, you will have two different versions available to choose from. These are the quick sales funnel or full sales funnel. Both funnel types help you promote and sell your products, but there are some notable differences between them.

Quick sales funnel

This is a simplified sales funnel. Since it begins with a sales page, it is best suited for targeting your existing contacts. The quick sales funnel does not include a landing Page for subscription. The quick sales funnel includes:

1. Sales Page
2. Order Form
3. Abandoned Order Email
4. Upsell Page
5. Confirmation Page
6. Confirmation Email

To best track your contacts, you should direct them to your sales page using a link in an email. This will allow us to track their activity, and send them the appropriate follow-up email. This follow-up will either be a confirmation email, or abandoned order email.

Note: If someone who is not your existing contact abandons their order, it will not be possible to send them an abandoned order email. To remain compliant with data protection policies, GetResponse is only able to email your existing list of contacts.

Full Sales funnel

This is a more complex funnel that includes extra steps not found in the quick sales funnel. It is suitable for targeting new customers, as well as your existing contacts. The full sales funnel includes:

1. Landing Page
2. Autoresponder Email
3. Sales Page
4. Order Form
5. Abandoned Order Email
6. Upsell Page
7. Confirmation Page
8. Confirmation Email

When should I use either funnel?

Scenario 1: You have an existing customer base, which you would like to retarget with your new products. These customers are already part of your lists in GetResponse, so that you can send them a direct link to your sales page. You are interested in a straight-forward, effective sales funnel. In this scenario, the quick sales funnel may be for you.

Scenario 2: You would like to target existing customers and new customers alike. You want the option to add new customers to your GetResponse list, so that you can continue to keep them informed about your products. You are interested in a more complex, sophisticated funnel, that not only helps you build your list, but also excels at nurturing prospective customers into buyers. In this scenario, you may prefer the full sales funnel.