Webinars and
email marketing
in remote teaching

In March 2021, Matematma conducted a trial math class using webinars from GetResponse. 568 attendees participated and 50 people purchased a course on the same day.

Webinars and email marketing in remote teaching
  • +50 New clients after the webinar +50 New clients after the webinar
  • ROI Investment in GetResponse was returned on the day of the webinar ROI Investment in GetResponse was returned on the day of the webinar

Matematma is a platform and community in which math can be learned stress-free, in a nice atmosphere. Thanks to Matematma's courses, you can prepare yourself for the most important mathematics exams.


I would recommend GetResponse to e-learning companies because it is a great combination of tools for webinar hosting and email marketing.

Damian Sikorski CEO of Matematma Damian Sikorski CEO of Matematma

How does GetResponse assist Matematma?

  • It allows us to organize a webinar and carry out marketing communications as a part of a conversion funnel.
  • Thanks to combining webinars and email marketing, I am able to send emails to people who registered for the event.
  • The host can turn off the camera and the microphone, and the attendees can use the chat, which allows us to interact with all of the users at the same time.
  • The webinar chat in GetResponse has no delays. We tested a platform which had a 40-second delay, and that interrupted the smooth interaction with our attendees, which is the key to our success.
  • We can make notes on the board and slides during the webinar.
  • We can record the webinars with the view of the presentation and the chat, which is a great thing for people who weren't able to attend the live webinar.
  • It allows us to promote our paid course during the classes with the help of a ribbon with a CTA button.

Can GetResponse save me time and money?

"Definitely. The direct combination of the webinar tool and email marketing is crucial for us. We don't waste any time trying to combine two platforms via API, and we don't have to pay for the two functionalities separately. It's a two-in-one deal with GetResponse (email marketing + webinars), which makes running campaigns easier, faster, and cheaper."

Can I increase my revenue with the help of GetResponse?

"Webinars are a brilliant selling model, and when you combine them with good email marketing, it can bring awesome results. The webinar itself can be a free trial for the users, and emails are used later in remarketing campaigns.

How long does it take to get a return on investment into GetResponse?

"In our case, the whole investment in GetResponse and in the planned campaign as a part of our marketing funnel has been returned just after the webinar. Thanks to narrow selling windows, the majority of students decided to make a purchase right after the trial classes, which assured a same-day return on investment."

How does GetResponse compare to other tools?

"Our activity as Matematma started with GetResponse – we've been using it since the very beginning of this project. Before we started using your platform, we had been looking for an alternative tool. We wanted to increase the webinar room size but we didn't find anything satisfactory (due to different reasons, such as the price or 40-second delay on chat, etc.). At this point, our cooperation with GetResponse is great, so we don't plan on changing the platform."

Damian Sikorski CEO of Matematma Damian Sikorski CEO of Matematma