54% of sales thanks to
the educational campaign


during the campaign


after sending the discount coupon
for their first purchase

LandCafe.pl is an online store created out of the love of travel and coffee, offering artisanal coffee beans.



  • Boost sales
  • Boost product awareness among the newsletter audience
  • Speed up buying decisions


  • Forms
  • Email marketing
  • Automation

Solution: Educational email marketing campaign

"Our target audience are people who know the difference between the quality of mass-produced and artisanal coffee. Our customers make conscious choices, which gave us the idea for an educational campaign that could make our subscribers more aware and ready to buy."

Łukasz Janik,
founder of LandCafe.pl

The campaign was carried out according to the
Learn > Like > Trust > Buy.









The campaign is made up of 6 emails that show:

  • where the LandCafe.pl coffee comes from
  • why you should choose their coffee
  • the characteristics of coffee from different parts of the world
  • the difference between single origin coffee and a blend
  • how to grind coffee and what to use
  • how to read the labels of the LandCafe.pl products

What makes the difference?


You can assign tags to the contacts that opened your email, clicked a link, made a purchase, or visited your website.

"Tags let us identify the people who bought from us as a result of the educational campaign. People who didn't buy get an email with a discount coupon for their first purchase."

Łukasz Janik,
founder of LandCafe.pl
The tools presented in this case study are available in the following plan:
ECOMMERCE MARKETING starting at $99 / mo

I'll show you how to create an educational campaign
using an Automation template.

Plan the campaign content

What do you need?

A word processor like a Google doc or Microsoft Word.

  1. Think about what makes your brand and product stand out. (LandCafe.pl's USP is coffee roasted to perfection to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.)
  2. Introduce it in the simplest words you can think of. Assume your prospect is like a child or a visitor from space – explain everything very clearly. Avoid jargon, and if you use it, explain it.
  3. Don't give everything away at once. Divide the content into accessible portions. Think about how much time you have to read newsletters.

Prep the emails

  1. Keep the content high quality. Check for typos and punctuation. Use high-quality photos and infographics. Respect your audience and their time!
  2. If you want people to act, use a clear, persuasive call to action.

Create a workflow

  1. Step by step, introduce all the benefits of the product and becoming a customer.
  2. You need to make people aware of your brand, and it takes time. Use common sense when planning the email sequence.
  3. Be patient – it's a long-term strategy, but it's worth the wait.

Select the Automation feature and create a welcome workflow for new contacts using your saved newsletters.

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