Communication with end customers via automated educational campaigns

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KRISPOL is a leading European producer of gates and wood joinery. The company has been in the building industry for almost 30 years. It offers complex and modern solutions for houses and industrial buildings, including gates, windows, shades, and doors.

INDUSTRY: Gates and wood joinery


  • Reaching directly out to the end customers
  • Educating the customers by explaining why premium quality is worth investing in
  • Increasing the sales by inspiring the customers to make a purchase


  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

Educational campaign: Your guide to windows, doors and a gate for your house

"We conduct campaigns that focus on education. A well-informed customers makes informed decisions and that's why we explain what benefits are tied to the price of premium products."

Paweł Orwat Online Marketing Specialist

"As a part of the campaign, we release a landing page with a free ebook to download. People who show interest fill in a form on the site and get into the automation cycle. This way we reach the end customers with a bundle of informative content in two formats, through ebook and emails which leave a lasting impression. Users can revisit these assets anytime they want. We use them to educate, inspire and encourage our audience to make a purchase in our store".

Patrycja Haremska PR and Content Marketing Specialist

How did GetResponse help reaching the goal?


"GetResponse allowed us to incorporate something brand new - communication with the target customer. Through automated campaigns, we show our audience how to compare offers so that they realize that paying for a premium quality is equal to investing in their future peace of mind."

Paweł Orwat Online Marketing Specialist

"We assign the tags to our audience based on the purchase stage they're on and the products they're interested in. We send worthwhile communication to recipients with a similar profile, e.g. our gate portfolio for those interested in purchasing a gate. Customers who have already bought a gate from us (a product that you buy once in a long while) and are content with the product and the service, will gladly come back in the event of renovation or modernization, e.g. of window joinery."

Paweł Orwat Online Marketing Specialist

What makes the difference?


"Przemek's help was crucial during the onboarding period. We were in touch with an actual person who supported us anytime we needed it. He helped us with tagging the customers so now we can segment the list properly."

Patrycja Haremska PR and Content Marketing Specialist

"We had a specific idea and Przemek helped us organizing work and taught us how to take advantage of the tool's full potential."

Paweł Orwat Online Marketing Specialist