How to prevent fake bot signups?

Building an email list is an important task. You need to make sure that you do it properly to have a high-quality list and achieve best results in the online marketing world. Our Introduction to Email List Building explains all the important aspects you need to consider when building your list.

Once you’ve built your list, you need to regularly monitor it and take action at the first signs of sender reputation loss, such as decreasing open and click rates, or an increasing spam complaint rate. To make sure your list is a high-quality one, maintain its hygiene. You also want to protect your list from fake bot sign-ups. There are two main types of fake bot sign-ups.

The main types of bot signups are:

  • Bots that sign up hundreds or thousands non-existing email addresses to unprotected forms.
  • Bots that sign up one existing email address to hundreds or thousands of lists. This is called mailbombing.

How can I protect my list from fake bot signups?

  • Add reCaptcha to your forms. This is the best prevention tool at the moment. 

How can I add a reCaptcha to my sign-up form?

  1. Go to Forms.
  1. Click on the Create form button. Choose your template or create a form from scratch in the List Builder Wizard.
  1. In the form editor, click on Settings. This will open a Form settings pop-up window.
Settings tab in the List Builder Wizard editor shown.
  1. In the Subscription settings section, click on the toggle next to reCAPTCHA on the second step.
  1.  Click Save.

Note: reCAPTCHA will not work if the thank-you page is set to Stay on page. Please use Default or Custom setting.