How is Conversion funnel different from Marketing Automation? Video

The main difference between Conversion funnel and Marketing Automation is the level of simplicity. Conversion funnel is designed to combine list building and selling products online in one place. Marketing automation is a way to design the entire user experience with simple yet powerful workflows.

Funnel vs. automation workflow

Conversion funnel represents a process of building a list, selling a product or promoting an online event. Inside a funnel, you can create landing pages, track conversions, promote and sell your products online and send follow-ups to your customers. All in one! Click here to find out what types of funnels you can create in GetResponse.

Automation workflow is a set of conditions, actions, and filters you put together to communicate with your contacts. It can be sending a particular message to someone after they open one of your emails, or it can be an extensive online course or promotion.

Abandoned order vs. Abandoned cart

Abandoned order is a feature located inside the GetResponse Conversion funnel, as a part of Sales Funnel. If your lead abandons the order page and does not complete the order, GetResponse will send them an automatic abandoned order email. It will happen in 30 minutes from the moment of abandoning the order page. The abandoned order sequence is created automatically, you don’t need to create this workflow yourself. See more about the „abandoned order email” in Sales funnel here.

Abandoned cart is a feature located inside Marketing automation. This element checks if customers of your online store connected with GetResponse abandoned their cart. Based on this condition, you can send a follow-up message to customers who left your website without finalizing their order. This message can display the contents of the cart.

Sales pages vs Purchase condition

A Sales page is a feature located in the Sales funnel. It presents products that your potential customers can buy from your store. By clicking on a product, the customers will get to the order page to finalize the transaction.

Purchase in Marketing automation is a condition that tracks if customers of your online store connected with GetResponse finalized their order. It works on a two-step basis: once someone starts a purchase and gets from the shopping cart to a post-purchase thank you page, we record this as a successful purchase. You can include this element in your marketing automation workflow and make decisions like moving to another list, adding scoring points, tagging, sending a message.

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