Free (really) Forever (truly) – Create Your Own Website in a Snap (Did We Mention for Free)
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Free (really) Forever (truly) – Create Your Own Website in a Snap (Did We Mention for Free)

Introducing GetResponse Free-Forever. Yes, it’s real and it’s spectacular.
Free. Forever-ever. 

Get your business online. 

Easily. Affordably. 

What does that even mean? 

<We interrupt this introduction for an urgent announcement> 

In a bit of a big turn for us here at GetResponse, even for us employees, really, for the first time in two decades we’re offering a free plan so anyone – everyone – can create their very own website and use foundational tools, such as email marketing, to get their business online. And anyone out there can get their business online without complications, using our totally code-free, AI-driven website builder, all at the genuinely low cost of FREE.

Yup, say it again – Free. Forever. 

<Horns triumphantly blare> 

Introducing … the GetResponse Free-Forever Plan. Yes, it’s extraordinarily real.

Free-Forever. Forever. 

Bonus: Sign up for our free webinar series and Get Your Business Online!

Getting Started 

<Back to our question at hand> 

So, what does it mean, getting your business online?  

At the heart of it, it means creating a website so that your business literally (digitally?) can be online for everyone to find. 

Not just any website, but one that looks great, captures attention, tells your story, and helps you connect with your customers online. 

Beyond that, being online usually means having email marketing communication with your customers (current and potential ones) so that you can keep them up to date on your offers, specials, discounts, new releases, and more. Usually, people will give you their email address in a signup form on your website (you may have done this yourself) knowing that by agreeing to get emails from you, you’ll be giving them some great insights, access, and discounts.

That’s the start of it, and sometimes getting started is the hardest part. 

We know that all too well. 

Creating a website, and a presence online, maybe it sounds a tad daunting, if your business is not online yet and you don’t have any coding experience, or familiarity with what you need to have a website that fits all your needs. 

We’re here to demystify – and even provide a solution to – all of that. 

Sticker shock (free?!?) 

I admit it, when we heard the announcement internally, we were taken a bit aback. We’re a bunch of people who genuinely like helping other people, and this was a clear and true opportunity to help anyone and everyone. 

On the heels of launching our new Website Builder this year, we figured it was time to merge the tool and approach to truly helping out all businesses get started getting online, while alleviating the real costs of money and time. 

So, here we are. You can create a website, way easier than it was before, without know a lick of coding, and with the help of professionally-designed templates, an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, and even an AI-powered website creator that will do the heavy lifting for you. 

You can use one of our available domains (that’s the www. part that tells people where to go) or even plug in your own domain for free. Some other “free” options out there make you pay for this part, which is a bummer because having your own domain is a boost by using your own branding for an even better presence and deliverability.  

A seriously simple, and engaging, website awaits you if you’re not online yet. 

And you can create that website for free. And keep it up online, attracting customers, and making sales. Free. Forever. (I have to keep saying it myself.) 

You can do it, without help from an agency, or relying on an expert programmer and coder, or having to pay for a consultant. 

Create your own website (no really, I’ve tried it myself and I don’t know a lick of code) without frustration so your business can be online. And do it at the foundational level without having to pay at all. And you can actually publish your website and have it live online, without needing to pay for any add-ons or upgrades, so you can truly get your business online, quickly and (extremely) affordably. 

In the mode of take stock and adapt that we’ve all been in since last year, the Free-Forever plan fits the current reality (for there’s nothing “new” about it) of people seeking to fill needs and wants online – meaning businesses and customers (the majority of people) are online now. I’d say most businesses can’t afford to stay totally offline anymore. 

<Announcer voice> But wait, there’s more! 

You can also incorporate other tools for free, such as email marketing to create newsletters and connect with more information and offers for your audience, as well as signup forms to collect those email addresses, and landing pages to present offers to them, all so you can nurture your new online audience. Not sure what nurturing is exactly? We’ll get to that in a bit. 

What do you get? For how long? 

First off …  

The full details of what exactly you get in the Free-Forever plan, here for your benefit: 

… Oh wait, one more thing. Because we gotta.… when you sign up for the Free-Forever plan, you will get access beyond what’s available in that plan for 30 days to test it all out (if you wanna). Meaning, you get access to the premium suite of tools but only for those first 30 days. 

Ok here goes, the Free-Forever nitty-gritty: 

Website Builder
with 5GB bandwidth
♦ Use an AI-powered website creator to get online easily, quickly
♦ Make your websites stand out with unlimited free images from Unsplash
♦ Build and host 1 website (with SSL certificate!)
♦ Complete with the ability to have galleries, popups, forms, and sleek professionally-designed templates 
Email marketing♦ Use an easy drag-and-drop creator to build emails
♦ Use and customize our pixel-perfect newsletter templates
♦ Make your emails shine with over 2 million free stock images from Shutterstock
♦ Create and send unlimited newsletters
Landing pages ♦ Build and host 1 landing page 
♦ Collect leads and drive click-throughs with conversion-optimized templates
♦ Build your page free ready-made templates or drag-and-drop landing page creator
Contact list building♦ Space for up to 500 contacts
Domain choice♦ Connect your own domain or choose a free one 
Lead generation tools ♦ Signup and contact forms, SEO-optimization tools to attract organic traffic 
♦ Ability to create unlimited newsletters
♦ Add forms and popups to your website or landing page 
Try everything♦ 30-day free access to premium features 

Those words, you keep mentioning those words – what are the “premium features”? 

Here’s what you’ll get access to for the first 30 days in addition to the free forever tools. These are there for you to take for a test drive, and even if you don’t need them now, they’re there waiting for you if you need them down the road and want to upgrade your plan. As you grow you might want and need more marketing tools to embark on engaging your audience further, and we still offer paid plans (of course) to empower anyone to start doing those things too. You might be familiar with other businesses that offer part of their platform for free, with expanded capability and access at higher level plans, companies such as Duolingo, Spotify, YouTube, and more. 

For instance, one step up is creating a social media ad that brings more visitors to your new website. Creating a weekly or regular email series to connect with your audience and offer them up your special offers, discounts, holiday sales all scheduled and sent automatically with marketing automation. As people sign up for your new email list by filling out some basic information in exchange for your offers. 

If it’s not in your wheelhouse right now, cool, keep on chugging along with the Free-Forever plan, and it’s all good. 

Premium features available for the first 30 days: 

  • Webinars – Webinars are limited to 10 people (including you and presenters). Recordings and on-demand webinars are not available. 
  • Messages – The GetResponse badge will be added to every message you send from the Free account. 
  • Landing pages – You can create and publish as many landing pages as you want. Free accounts are limited to 1,000 unique visits for all landing pages in the account. Once the limit is reached, your landing pages won’t be available online anymore. A/B tests for landing pages are only available on paid accounts together with unlimited visits. 
  • Marketing Automation – You can create and publish as many workflows as you want. Dynamic segment filter is not available. You can unlock it in a Plus or Professional plan. 
  • Chats – Chats can be added only to a landing page created in GetResponse or you can add a hyperlink to the chat window in your email messages. 
  • Contacting Customer Success Team – You have unlimited access to our assistance through 24/7 live chat in English. You can also contact us via email in one of our support languages: English, Polish, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian. 

Obstacles omitted 

So now that first big hurdle is removed to start getting your business online – cost. And the second one two – approachability and functionality. 

Nurturing your presence means treating what you do online as you would in your real store. Engage with people, greet them, show them who you are, why you’re worth doing business with, and build relationships. Give them discounts, and special offers for loyal, repeat buyers. 

<In the near future>  

So, you’ve done it! Your own website is online, live as they say. 

And you even have a signup form collecting email addresses from your willing audience. Now, you can email them with a newsletter, some special discounts, promotions for a seasonal item or sale, even some videos or menu items if you have them.  

And that’s where the next step, growing your business online, comes in. 

That’s there for you if and when you want and need it. For now, let’s get you online. 
Start creating your very own website, and get you signed up. Free. Forever. 

Join our free webinar series!

We’re here to offer you more than just tools – we also come with free educational resources!

To help you get your business off the ground, we’ve prepared a special webinar series – Get Your Business Online.

In just six episodes, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of building a strong online presence.

We’ll talk about:

  • Building your first website
  • Building and managing your contact list
  • Using social media along with your website
  • Designing a website that matches your brand
  • Scaling your business with marketing automation
  • And investing in paid ad campaigns

Sound interesting? Then reserve your seat and catch up on our on-demand episodes:

Get Your Business Online With Confidence – Free Webinar Series from GetResponse.

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