GetResponse for Shopify: An Easy Way to Get Your Store Growing
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GetResponse for Shopify: An Easy Way to Get Your Store Growing

Can you recall that one email that got you to complete the purchase that you’ve forgotten about? Or the birthday message with a discount, you’ve actually used?

Maintaining a personalized relationship with customers may seem like tedious work, but you can actually do that easily and with no coding knowledge. The GetResponse Shopify integration offers a variety of tools that you can quickly set up and let them work for you.

The moment when your online business gets to the point when you should consider upgrading it with additional tools can be easy to overlook. Everything works the way it is. You take care of it daily, you handle everything perfectly fine, the store is doing ok, then why would you change anything?

Automating your shop and using new tools to promote your products lets your business grow. Don’t just stay in the maintenance mode when you need to do everything on your own. You can connect Shopify with GetResponse to boost your conversion and offer tailored content to your customers.

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GetResponse Shopify integration: what’s inside

GetResponse offers a wide range of tools to help you grow your Shopify store. Here’s what you’ll be able to use, after you’ve successfully connected your store:

  • Marketing automation
    Create different automated scenarios to react in real-time to your customers’ actions (or lack of) with this extremely powerful and flexible tool dressed up in a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.
  • Email marketing
    Send all types of messages based on triggers, planned campaigns, seasonal updates, and personalized occasions to build lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Ecommerce stats
    Sync all data in one place and use it to create personalized content based on segmentation and track the impact of your campaigns.
  • Quick transactional emails
    Send abandoned cart and post-purchase messages designed using an effortless drag-and-drop editor with free pre-made templates.
    Click here to learn more about quick transactional emails!
  • Promo codes
    Include promo codes from your Shopify store in your messages to activate your recipients and turn them into customers to boost your revenue.
    Read more about promo codes here!
  • Multichannel broadcast
    Send your message via email, SMS, web push and amplify it with social media and Google ads, all from the GetResponse dashboard.

Click here to learn how to connect GetResponse to Shopify if you already have an account.

6 ways you can generate more sales using GetResponse

People can’t buy what they cannot find. That’s why boosting your revenue should start with promoting your products to people who are interested in them.

GetResponse tools allow you to design a customer journey and help you to keep your messages personalized and relevant.

1. Show your products to the world – and grow your audience!

Seize every opportunity to have people hooked with your shop: add subscription forms to pages, import customers automatically with the integration, and then send them messages using autoresponders, newsletters, and automation.

Popup subscription form you can add to your shop to grow audience.
Create popups in just a few clicks and add them to your shop.

Engage with your audience with social media and Google ads, promote events and products using web push, and stay in touch via SMS.

Welcome each new customer with a greeting message, and then automate their journey based on how they react, so you can make sure they won’t miss a thing and enjoy your content.

2. Customize the content – and make every message count!

Add some personal touches to your emails, sort customers by their details or purchase history, and design a unique path for each group. Make your content engaging by sending relevant messages.

You can treat your customers with a birthday discount code if they provide a date in their shop account or in a GetResponse form embedded in your shop.

Birthday email example you can create with GetResponse integration for Shopify.
Keep the messages you sent relevant to your customers. Our pre-made templates will help you create them quickly with useful hints for the message content.

Sort your contracts based on country or city to keep them in the loop about events involving your business or local offers.

Send recommendations based on purchase history to be sure to remind your clients about their favorite products and turn them into loyal, returning customers.

Read more: How to use promo codes in your email campaigns inside GetResponse

3. Save abandoned carts – and run your campaigns even more efficiently!

Create engaging emails reminding about abandoned carts to give your visitors the nudge to become customers.

Use one of our pre-defined templates or create something of your own in the automation editor. No need to hire a designer, no need for coding – simply drag and drop elements in our editor. Never again will you have to use those default shop emails that everyone has seen so many times in their inboxes already.

GetResponse marketing automation workflow showing how to save Shopify abandoned carts.
Automate the abandoned cart messages to boost your revenue.

Click here to learn more about GetResponse Marketing Automation.

4. Boost your sales by sending promo codes – and win even more sales!

With GetResponse Shopify integration you can import your Shopify promo codes to add to any type of message with just one click.

Discounts set up in Shopify dashboard.
Generate promo codes in your Shopify store…
Shopify discounts imported to GetResponse to be used in email editor.
…and use them directly in the GetResponse message editor.

You can promote sales with newsletters including a promo code. Maybe try creating automation messages for those who haven’t been active for some time to incentivize them to make a purchase? Or reward returning customers with a thank-you message to offer them a discount for their next order.

You don’t have to send the same code to all types of customers. Use segmentation and automation to your advantage and send promo codes strategically when they can help to grow your shop, increase revenue, and reduce churn.

Here you can find out how to add promo codes to your messages.

5. Keep your data in sync and statistics up-to-date – and benefit everyone!

Connect Shopify with GetResponse to have all your ecommerce data in one place, easy to analyze and act upon. Know everything it is to know about your customers, run A/B tests, and find what helps you grow and thrive.

Find all ecommerce statistics on a separate page to easily track revenue. Test different ways to stay in touch with your customers and promote your business via multiple channels to find what works best for you and your audience. There is a perfect way to sell every product. It’s much easier to find it if you have all the data in one place.

GetResponse ecommerce statistics dashboard.
Track all your ecommerca data in one place, and use it to create segments of customers based on their purchase history.

6. Use with stunning transactional emails – and power up your messages!

Design abandoned cart emails and order confirmations in a simple yet powerful drag-and-drop editor. Use pre-designed templates or create something especially for your shop to make your messages stand out among plain default store emails.

Shopify order confirmation and abandoned cart email examples created in GetResponse message editor.
Create emails that suit your brand perfectly, no coding required

Start using GetResponse Shopify integration

GetResponse integration will allow you to grow your audience, turn visitors into customers, and then into returning customers. Save time by automating all there is to automate and use beautiful templates in an easy and user-friendly editor.
This way your products will reach more people and your broadcast will stand out among other messages. All that with quick setup and no coding.

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