Email Analytics

Actionable data for precise email marketing

Make the right marketing moves based on your email performance and contacts' behavior.

Get to know your audience — send better emails

  • Your campaign
    data is secure

    Store email analytics and
    contact data in one secure

  • Better understand
    your subscribers

    Monitor email engagement to
    find out what's resonating
    with your audience.

  • Make data-driven
    business decisions

    Analyze clicks, open rates,
    bounces, and unsubscribes to
    learn what's working.

  • Examine all areas
    of your growth

    Learn what emails
    led to sales, signups,
    or visits to your website.

Understand what's working for your business

Turn your email analytics into a powerful marketing tool.
Make informed decisions that help you grow.

Track email activity in real time

Learn your contacts' engagement patterns and optimize your email marketing to match your audience preferences.

  • Analyze open and click-through rates (CTRs)
  • Compare campaigns in a side-by-side view
  • Monitor desktop vs. mobile client performance
  • Learn which email clients your contacts use

Run tests to learn what steps
to take next

Analyze results for your newsletters, autoresponders, and automation messages to find opportunities you have to grow.

  • A/B test subject lines and tweak based on opens
  • Analyze opens, CTRs, unsubscribes, and sales
  • Compare email analytics for all campaigns

Learn which emails
bring you more money

Use email analytics to find out how your campaigns convert into sales. Install a simple website tracking code, and we'll track the sales, signups, or visits that come from a link in an email.


Know the who, what, when, and where of your audience

Improve your email marketing by getting a better understanding of your subscribers.
We've got the tools you need to analyze your emails and act on that knowledge.

Keep up with your list growth

Monitor your email analytics like subscription statistics and trends with intuitive reports.

  • Get daily and monthly average subscription rates
  • Learn your most popular subscription methods
  • Know where your subscribers are located and stay
    well-informed of emerging markets

Target subscriber segments
with one click

With one click, you can send follow-up content to a group of contacts who opened a specific email or clicked a specific link.

For those who didn’t open an email, tweak the subject line
and send it again with a click.


Resources on how to run effective email marketing campaigns

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